One of the benefits of us being a small team it that when we hold a meeting, such as tonight, the whole company can get together and sing of the same hymn sheet. This evening, we got to discuss all of our upcoming projects which we will be revealing aspects of over the coming months. Until then, here’s an abstract overview of what we discussed tonight.

It all kicked off with a full introduction from Tina to the team. She will play an integral role in the team as she has a working knowledge of occupational therapy, and is able to explain the importance of different types of therapy that will be important for aiding and improving the quality of life for all of our future clients.

Next, Will and I giving everyone a brief about what we’ve learnt from our research into EMG circuits as well as the pro’s and cons of the different types of electrodes (contacts that go on the patient) that we have been trailing thus far. Christian was able to help expand the discussion by adding what he had learnt about the research he had been doing into other types of electrodes that we plan to experiment with next.
This expanded into other types of sensors that we intend to look into including the possibility of ultra-sound technology. It’s important to us that we explore all avenues that are available to be able to provide the best result for our future users.

Irie and Ethan then explained about the potential that has been growing within AI, and how this will be implemented into the project. We also discussed how we could incorporate a secure cloud system.

Finally, the meeting drew to a close with a discussion around the ethics of producing technology to be used in a rehabilitation environment. It was made very clear and understood by everyone that we would have to take great care when producing our solutions, as our products could end up being used with vulnerable individuals. With this in mind, Irie and Tina will begin looking into the various ethics publications that detail the procedures and considerations that companies should make under these circumstances.

Everyone on the team is very excited about our progress so far, as well as, the future developments that are approaching. I look forward to sharing our story as we continue to grow and flourish as a team.

Mike Rose, Rose Industries CEO and Head of R&D

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